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What I Stand For

Photo by Betty Griffith

What I Stand For


 Integrity and ethical behavior

 Support for public education

 Equal rights under the law for all citizens

 Rational decision-making by leaders

 Stewardship of the environment

 Quality of life


 Elected officials, their appointees, and government employees should be held to the highest standards of conduct, including openness in financial benefits of the position, campaign donations (Who is really behind the PAC money and what do they want?), and sources of legislation. World history (as well as recent events in Idaho) has taught us that a one-party system enables cronyism, if not outright corruption. Idaho needs more political balance.

I support an independent, nonpartisan Ethics Commission for Idaho government.


 The founding fathers of our nation and, later, of our state, realized that a democratically elected government cannot endure unless the voters are educated. Voters must be able to read different viewpoints and analyze them logically if they are not to be swayed by demagogues. An excellent public education system is the best way for a majority of the population to develop the skills needed to assume their responsibilities as citizens.

Excellence in education is also the surest path to economic stability. Current statistics show that in most cases the states that invest the most in education are also the most prosperous states, and vice versa.

As the world has moved from agriculture through industry through information and into communication as the dominant economic force, even regions with abundant natural resources and agriculture, such as the counties in District 8, need to prepare our young people to be adaptable for their future. Increasingly, well-paying jobs require well-educated workers.

I support public schools, not for-profit schools paid for by taxes. I support education reform that is research-based and tested and that has the support of experts in the field—experienced educators. I support Idaho’s highly capable educators.


♦ The state should strive to ensure social and economic justice for all. The 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article I of the Idaho State Constitution guarantee equal rights to all citizens.

I support the elimination of discrimination in law, government, and institutions receiving government benefits.


♦ Our system of government was formed by leaders influenced by the Enlightenment, and its success depends on the principles of reason. Logic, open debate, and analytical thinking should be the tools of the legislative process, rather than uncompromising ideology, paranoia, and partisanship. I am inspired by Thomas Jefferson, not by W. Cleon Skousen.

I support moderation, balance, and reason in the actions taken by the people’s elected representatives. I would like to see a return to Statesmanship.


 Idaho is rich in natural resources, the most precious and necessary to preserve our overall quality of life being clean air and water. The extraction of minerals and harvesting of timber and wildlife in our resource-rich area must be done with respect to the environment we enjoy ourselves and the legacy of the beautiful, healthy land we hope to leave our children.

I support regard for the future in our agriculture, manufacturing, mining, logging, and recreation. I support renewable energy.


 People who thrive in a metropolitan landscape are not likely to live in Idaho—at least not for long. For people who love nature and a few warm-hearted neighbors, it’s an ideal place. Still, Idahoans need to make a living, and a good job with adequate pay is part of the matrix of a happy life. I deplore the recent actions of the super-rich to destroy the rights of employees to organize. Idaho has one of the largest income disparities in the country. I believe a strong middle class is necessary to our social fabric.

Part of the appeal of our rural areas is a sense of personal safety. For the most part, we feel secure, but occasionally a fire or a criminal or an accident will jolt us, so we need fair and efficient systems of public safety.

In addition, nearly everyone will at some point need health care, and for a high quality of life, it must be accessible and should not drive a family into bankruptcy.

In general, I believe people should earn what they get and get what they earn. Some people are not able, though, and we must sometimes extend help.

I support adequate funding for education, public safety, and health care.